Realistic Learning Zone
Where Imagination Inspires Education

Where Imagination Inspires Education

Engaging * Educating *Empowering

Craft Zone is a full service youth event planning company that allows you to have a fun, hassle free and creative experience. We have fun workshops for every holiday and occasion. We also provide customized art based workshops that incorporate your event theme. Let Craft Zone provide creative fun for your next event!
Craft Zone Services:
Creative Craftshops
Festival Kids Zone
Inclass Field Trips
Special Event Planning
Youth Camps
Birthday Parties
Event Child Care
MeZone Mentoring is a program designed for young girls between the ages of 7-18. The mission of MeZone is to encourage and instill confidence, creativity, self-respect and self-awareness in young girls. MeZone Mentoring focuses on our PEG Principals: Perception, Expression and Growth which gives girls the tools to blossom into responsible young women.

MeZone Programs:
Wise Weekends
Expression Sessions
These 2 Feet Fitness Series
Teen Work Placement
My Time

Being able to connect knowledge in real-life situations has been proven to make learning meaningful and more enjoyable for many. All RLZ programs combine the interests and talents of each individual with their social, developmental and academic needs through the use of our creative curriculum.
RLZ Educational Services:
Interactive Learning Sessions
Before & After School Programs
School Readiness Programs

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